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I am currently an assistant professor at LRI-Universite Paris-Sud 11, working with the InSitu team. My interests lie in novel interaction and visualization design and evaluation, especially on large high resolution displays.

Before my current position, I was an assitant professor at Ecole Centrale Paris working on desing of interactive visualizations. A few years back I was a research scientist at National ICT Australia (NICTA) and part of the [braccetto] project. There I investigated challenges and benefits in using large displays, vertical and horizontal, in multi-user groups, collocated and distributed.

I completed my PhD at the dgp lab of the department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Under the supervision of Ravin Balakrishnan, I investigated challenges when interacting with wall-sized displays at close proximity.

Prior to my PhD, I completed a MSc in University of Toronto under the supervision of Alejo Hausner, where I used projections of scene hierarchies to accelerate ray tracing. I received my BSc from the department of Informatics at the University of Piraeus.

publications (new list at http://www.lri.fr/~anab/)

older refereed conference and journal publications


Anastasia Bezerianos (2007). Using alternative views for layout, comparison and context switching tasks in wall displays. In Proceedings of OzCHI 2007 - the Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference, pages 303-310.


Anastasia Bezerianos, Pierre Dragicevic, Ravin Balakrishnan (2006). Mnemonic Rendering: An Image-Based Approach for Exposing Hidden Changes in Dynamic Displays. In Proceedings of UIST 2006 - ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, pages 159-168. (video 64MB, mnemonic page with demos) Best Student Paper Award [22% acceptance rate].


Anastasia Bezerianos, Ravin Balakrishnan (2005). Canvas Portals: View and Space Management on Large Displays. In IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Special Issue on Applications of Large Displays, vol.25, no.4, July/August 2005, pages 34-43. [25% acceptance rate]

Anastasia Bezerianos, Ravin Balakrishnan (2005). The Vacuum: Facilitating the manipulation of distant objects. In Proceedings of CHI 2005 - the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 361-270. (video 64MB) [25% acceptance rate]

technical reports

Anastasia Bezerianos, Ravin Balakrishnan (2004).Interaction and visualization techniques for very large scale high resolution displays. DGP-TR-2004-002. (video 28MB)


Designs for single user, up-close interaction with wall-sized displays. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Toronto, 2007.

Using projection to accelerate Ray Tracing. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Toronto, 2001.