Video Mail


Sends, receives short (2 minutes or less) video messages (including audio)between users in a local site. It consists of a custom MAC client, and AVMail server that stores messages in analog (VCRs). It uses the TAS/ servers as a mean of routing the baseband A/V to the video storage device.


The MAC client is in SUPERCARD and the VMail software is in C. It needs one or more VCRs and D-boxes to control the VCRs, and of course the Tas/ infrastructure.


Fairly unique application.


Just an experiment right now, and under refinement. Only works in a TAS/ site although this dependence is not really substantial. Video mail is not shipped out of a local site as yet. It may be a little slow because of the analog storage.


We will be replacing the analog server with a fully digital video server. This should improve performance, but will need a dedicated machine. We will be exploring the handling of cross site mail, the integration of the video answering machine as an interface to video mail, and integration with the custom voice mail client.