by Ron Riesenbach and Barbara Whitmer

December 8, 1992

This is number 6 in a series of electronic newsletters for participants of the Ontario Telepresence Project.

1) The Toronto office of Telepresence is closed for the winter holidays from Dec. 24 - Jan. 3 inclusive.

2) Reminder: The Telepresence winter holiday party will take place on Dec. 18th at the Rich & Dorthea Helms farm in Sunderland, Ontario (1.5 hours N.E. of Toronto) from 12 noon until 3:30 p.m. All Telepresence academic and industry people are invited (you should have already received a note inviting you). Please direct inquiries or RSVP to Barbara Whitmer ( or (416) 978-0778).

3) The Telepresence specification document drafts are due on the 15th of December. All coordinators please be sure to e-mail Ron a soft copy (RTF format) by this date please.

4) The next Telepresence general meeting is on Dec. 15th at 8:45 am. Please not MEETING TIME CHANGE --> 8:45 am. the agenda will include brief reports from all participants, including finalized specifications drafts; a report on the European partners; and other business. Same place and same method as last meeting (multi-point video-conference). Those wanting to connect via video should contact Ken Schuyler ASAP (phone:416-353-4446, fax: 416-920-0938, email: /DD.ID=KA.SCHUYLER/S=SCHUYLER/DD.SITE=TELECOM.CANADA/ (yes, this is one long email address!) Please give Ken the equipment type, phone numbers, company name and contact name. Those who want an audio link, please contact Ron Riesenbach (phone: 416-978-8508, fax: 416-978-4765, email:

5) We have had a series of meetings with Adcom Electronics Ltd. here in Toronto these last few weeks. Peter McDonnell, Alan Furguson and Marianne Flahaut are or contacts. We are exploring ways to collaborate together and have several ideas on the table for joint activities. More on this as it develops...

6) The User Interface Strategies '93 live satellite broadcast will take place Wednesday, Dec. 9th from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST. For more information please contact Rosanna Reid (phone: 416-978-8558, fax: 416-978-7207, email:

7) The ITRC Research Presentation Day is March 4, 1993 at the University of Waterloo. Contact: Mary McColl, ITRC, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ont., N2L 3G1, tel (519) 888-4540, fax (519) 885-1208, e-mail:

8) CALL for PARTICIPATION: ACM MULTIMEDIA '93 Anaheim, California (co-located with SIGGRAPH'93) August 1-6, 1993 The first ACM international conference on multimedia

ACM Multimedia'93 will provide an international forum for papers, panels, courses, workshops, and exhibits focusing on the synergies between processing and communicating information represented in multiple media (multimedia) Research ideas, emerging technologies, engineering methodologies, prototype demonstrations, and experiences should be submitted for review. Technical areas for Multimedia'93 include, but are not limited to:

IMPORTANT DATES: All submissions due: JANUARY 8, 1993 Notification of acceptance: MARCH 1, 1993 Submissions due in final form: MAY 1, 1993

An author's kit containing submission guidelines is available via anonymous ftp at (, or by sending email to

For Multimedia '93 Conference information, contact:

Dr. J.J. Garcia-Luna
Sri International
333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

9) HCI ARCHIVE AVAILABLE At the HCI Design Lab, at the University of Guelph, there is a new archive of HCI related material. It is accessible via anonymous ftp - ( and can be found in /pub/hci. Here is the readme file:

A Bit About the Guelph, HCI Design Lab's FTP Archive In this archive you will find the following: Information about the people at the Guelph HCI Design Lab, their interests, what they are presently doing and how you can contact them.

General Archive Structure general_interest->

HCI_design_lab_people readme submissions-> technical_reports-> Index theses->

Should you require any assistance please send email to:

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