Applied Silicon

Company Profile

Applied Silicon is a company dedicated to the development of sophisticated electronic products for special purpose or critical applications requiring highly reliable systems. The core of Applied Silicon's business is the development of applications containing hardware and software through engineering, product design and manufacturing. Applied Silicon offers customers a "complete solution" approach to their problems. Applied Silicon has a diversified technology base and provides expertise in the following areas:

Clients can access this technology base and utilize Applied Silicon's consulting engineering and design expertise to define their needs, outline and review options, and implement customized hardware and software solutions. Applied Silicon can assist at each stage in the development cycle from project definition and control, through product design and applications software development, to fabrication and product maintenance. The company also manufactures and markets a line of sophisticated microprocessor based products which meet special purpose applications requirements. The success of these products provides strong evidence of Applied Silicon's capabilities. Whether in consulting or product manufacturing, Applied Silicon is driven by a commitment to deliver quality, supported by technical expertise.

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