Soloist: Generating Mixed-Initiative Tutorials from Existing Guitar Instructional Videos Through Audio Processing

Bryan Wang, Mengyu Yang, Tovi Grossman, University of Toronto.  ACM CHI 2021

Soloist is a mixed-initiative learning framework that automatically generates customizable curriculums from off-the-shelf guitar video lessons. Soloist takes raw videos as input and leverages deep-learning based audio processing to extract musical information. This back-end processing is used to provide an interactive visualization to support effective video navigation and real-time feedback on the user’s performance, creating a guided learning experience. We demonstrate the capabilities and specific use-cases of Soloist within the domain of learning electric guitar solos using instructional YouTube videos. A remote user study, conducted to gather feedback from guitar players, shows encouraging results as the users unanimously preferred learning with Soloist over unconverted instructional videos.

Click here to read the paper. The demo video is available on youtube.