Central Ontario Women's Hockey League : 1997-98

This page contains information concerning the The Central Ontario Women's Hockey League (COWHL) - better known locally as the women's Senior AAA hockey league. It's the highest level of hockey for women in Ontario, and perhaps the world, as many current and former Team Canada, Team USA, Team Finland, and Team Switzerland members have played in this league.

1998 All-Star Game

The 1998 All-Star Game between the Provincial Champions North York Aeros and the COWHL All-Stars will take place at 8:15pm on March 9th at Iceland Arena, Mississauga. For more information, click on this link.

1997/98 Playoffs

This year, the playoffs consist of a best 2 out of 3 between the second and third place team, followed by a one game final between the winner and the first place team:


    Thursday, March 12th : Mississauga Chiefs 2 at Scarborough Sting 1

    Monday, March 16th   : 20:15 : Scarborough Sting 2 Mississauga Chiefs 2
    Monday, March 23rd   : 20:15 : Scarborough Sting 0 Mississauga Chiefs 4

Mississauga wins the semi-final 5 points to 1.

Note : The semi-final is a four point series. If the series is tied after three games, a five minute sudden death over-time will be played following the conclusion of the third game. If the over-time is scoreless, the teams will go to a simulataneous shoot-out, starting with a round of three shooters. If the shootout is tied, further simultaneous penalty shots will be taken until a winner is declared.


    Monday, March 30th   : 19:30 : Mississauga Chiefs at North York Aeros

Mississauga's home games are played at Iceland, and the final will take place at the Ice Gardens.

1997-98 COWHL Statistics

This year, there are only three teams in the COWHL. The three teams will play each other five times at home and five times on the road. In addition, they will play exhibition games against the Ottawa Senior AAA and the Brockvill Senior AAA teams. The results from these games will be reflected in the COWHL combined standings only, and not in the general team and individual statistics. (i.e., the win/loss/tie, plus the goals for and against will count towards the COWHL team standings for the three COWHL teams only.) The team statistics also only include games played against another COWHL team.

Unfortunately, partially due to the ice storms that hit eastern Ontario in January, the remaining games between the Aeros/Sting and Brockville/Ottawa will not be played.

Included below are the combined standings, followed by a breakdown in terms of league games (COWHL Only Standings), and non-league games that count in the combined standings (Non-COWHL Results).

                  Final COWHL Combined Standings - 1997/98
Team               GP  W  L T PTS  GF  GA  GFA GAA  PIM Last8   Home Away   Strk
North York Aeros   22 17  1 4  38  94  29 4.27 1.31 265 7-0-1  8-1-2 9-0-2  19WT
Mississauga Chiefs 26 17  6 3  37 102  53 3.92 2.03 211 5-2-1  8-4-1 9-2-2   2W
Scarborough Sting  23  1 21 1   3  25 101 1.08 4.39 165 0-8-0 0-10-0 1-11-1 17L

                    Final COWHL Only Standings - 1997/98
Team               GP  W  L T PTS GF GA  GFA GAA  PIM Last8   Home Away   Strk
North York Aeros   20 16  1 3  35 86 26 4.30 1.29 265 7-0-1  7-1-2 9-0-1  17WT
Mississauga Chiefs 20 11  6 3  25 65 49 3.25 2.45 211 5-2-1  5-4-1 6-2-2   2W
Scarborough Sting  20  0 20 0   0 21 97 1.04 4.84 165 0-8-0 0-10-0 0-10-0 20L

                      Non-COWHL Results - 1997 12 22
Team              GP W L T PTS GF GA  GFA GAA  Last8  Home Away  Strk
Mississauga Chiefs 6 6 0 0  12 37  4 6.16 0.66 6-0-0 3-0-0 3-0-0  6W
North York Aeros   2 1 0 1   3  8  3 4.00 1.50 1-0-1 1-0-0 0-0-1  2WT
Scarborough Sting  3 1 1 1   3  4  4 1.33 1.33 1-1-1 0-0-0 1-1-1  1W

Most of the following statistics are based solely on the games played between two teams of the COWHL (i.e., COWHL league games). The following information is available for the current season:

Here are the teams in the league for the 1997-98 season (follow each link for information on each team).

Mississauga Chiefs (Chiefs Home Page) e-mail: chiefs@@whockey.com
North York Aeros e-mail: aeros@@whockey.com
Scarborough Sting e-mail: sting@@whockey.com

Here is a link to some COWHL photos taken by John Wong of the Mississauga Chiefs during the 1997-98 season.

COWHL Statistics Archives

Here are the stats for 5 of the past 6 years. Unfortunately I have no information available yet on the 1994-95 season.

And for more information on sports in the the Greater Toronto Area, check out Toronto's Sports Directory.

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