Primary Projects/Institutions/Groups Supporting my Research

Department of Computer Science U Of T

"The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is the national instrument for making strategic investments in Canada's capability in science and technology. NSERC supports both basic university research through research grants and project research through partnerships of universities with industry, as well as the advanced training of highly qualified people in both areas."

"The Ontario Telepresence Project (OTP) is an inter-disciplinary research effort between academics and the industry scientists studying sociological issues associated with the deployment of advanced computer and video supported cooperative work systems. The project's focus is on the integration and packaging of existing computer, video and telecommunications systems and on the development of methodologies for their successful deployment in arms-length user sites."

"The Input Research Group (IRG) is a group of faculty, staff and students at the University of Toronto investigating human input to computer systems. The group was started in September 1989, and is primarily concerned with what has been called "haptic" input: input that involves physical contact (such as by the hand or foot). As such, it is not involved in speech input, for example."

"The University of Toronto's Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP) is an inter-disciplinary research laboratory. The lab's mission is advanced research and graduate instruction; its theme is the enhancement of human creativity through advances in human-computer interaction, user interface design, and interactive computer graphics."

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