Shiva Nataraja
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...except for the point, the stillpoint,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance."
- T.S. Elliot (Burnt Norton)

Dance Resources

Dance Images


Pilobus: talk about Dance! 
InPlane - MidiDancer 
Dance pages: Photo gallery 
merce cunningham - birds 
Talk About Dance! 1995 
An Evening of Dance, Toronto, 1995 
Siva Nataraja 
Winifred Haun & Dancers Photo Gallery 
ExtravaDancers - swing 
Kokoro Dance 
Rhythm Hot Shots - swing 
The Ebba dance club - swing 
tango images 

Famous Artists

Degas - etoile 
Manet - couple dancing 
balerina drawing 
Calvin & Hobbes - 78rpm 
Calvin & Hobbes - dancing 
lemur dancing 

Dance terms, steps, history, ...

Dancing On A Line - ezine 
Ballet Terms 
Dance Terms - Swing 
Dance Steps - many styles 
Dance Videos - latin/ball room Logo: Maven Videos for Women 
Dance Styles 
"DANCLINK" - virtual ballroom 
Dance Out Of Darkness - dance history 
Directory of /pub/dance/ballet-modern 
DANCE-HC: DANCE-HC: Dance Heritage Coalition Listserv List 

Sites, Troupes, Events, ...

Welcome 2 Dance New England
ultimate location: or 
Talk About Dance! 1995 
Dance & Technology 
Interactive Media Festival Performances 
Winifred Haun & Dancers 
Troika Ranch - interactive technology 
Live Art - Dalhousie dance 
Rhythm in Motion Dance Company 
In Motion Dancers 
US & Canadian Modern Dance Companies 
tango server - argentina 
Ernesto's Tango Page 
Contact Improvisation 
Ithaca Swing Dance Network 

Dance and other Media

Interactor® - software for MidiDancer 
Dance & Technology 
Life Forms - dance composition software 
MAX - real time, interactive media environment 
choreographer uses video - OSU 
dance on video: titles 
InfoVid Outlet: Dance 
Musicians in Dance 
David Rokeby - interactive art 
Performance Art Tour - UTNE 


MidiDancer - costume with sensors 
Technology for performance support 
Sensor creation 
Physical Computing - sensor to computer 
Applying Electric Field Sensing to Human-Computer Interfaces 
David Rokeby 
vnsII - Very Nervous System - motion tracking 
BrainWave Control, IBVA Technologies, Inc. 

Further Dance Pointers

Dancing On A Line: Links 
Henry's Dance Hotlist 
/pub/dance/ballet-modern dance pages 
Dance Links - jsWhite 
Dance pages 
Cyberspace Dance Directory 
Yahoo Entertainment: Dance 
World-Wide Web: Dance 
EINET: Dance 
FTP directory of dance (std/nonprofits) 
FTP directory of dance (std/pub) 
Dance in Vancouver 
Halifax Dance 
Dance - Florida State 
Dance - Ohio State 
Alaska Dance Theatre 
The Candance Network - Canada 
Gotta Dance - Singapore



Frankie Manning
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