I am Koichiro Tanikoshi, a visiting researcher from Hitachi research Laboratory, Japan. Call me Koichi ([Koh-ichi] or [Kou-ichi]). I am joining in the IRG for one year (until Mar. 27 1995). I am glad to have the chance to join such an exciting group.

My wife, Shoko and I LOVE classical music very much. I play the base fiddle and Shoko plays the violin. We played in the orchestra in Hitachi city (Hitachi company has its own orchestra there). We have now joined a civic orchestra in Scarborough.

Here is my personal information.

What's going on in my office right now...

What it's like on campus right now...

What the Reactive Room is doing right now.

Anyway, this is The Aurora Borealis!

Koichiro Tanikoshi
Visiting Researcher
10 King's College Road, Rm 4302
Toronto, Ontario
Canda M5S 1A4

Email: tanikosi@dgp.toronto.edu
Tel: 416-978-0834
Fax: 416-978-4765

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