Garry Beirne is President of Overture is a Toronto-based computer consulting and development company. The company offers training, development and consulting services focusing on the use of computing technology for communication, cultural endeavour and creative expression.

As a Research Associate on the Ontario Telepresence Project, Garry is responsible for managing field studies, corporate communication, and interdisciplinary interpretation and mediation.

As a principal of Telepresence Systems, he is concerned with the proper commercial implementation of concepts from the Ontario Telepresence Project, and with developing alliances between the cultural industries, the computing sector and the telecommunications sector.

As the president of Overture, he manages a team of artists, designers and programmers who consult, design and implement Internet solutions for industry. One current project is a Word-Wide Web server for the Information Technology Research Centre (ITRC). This server is construction, so watch it progress.

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Garry Beirne
Research Associate
Ontario Telepresence Project
10 King's College Road, Rm 2002
Toronto, Ontario
Canda M5S 1A4

Tel: 416-978-0705
Fax: 416-978-7207

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Last modified: May 19, 1995