The glory of "Go Fish!"

(Producers: Xiaoyuan Tu, Demetri Terzopoulos, Eugene Fiume)

Presented in ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review Issue 91: SIGGRAPH'93 Electronic Theater;
Selected and shown at the SIGGRAPH'93 Electronic Theatre Evening Show , Anaheim, CA, August, 1993;
Selected and shown at the Graphics Interface'93 Electronic Theatre , Toronto, ON, May, 1993;
In Imagina 93/94 home video & videodisk, INA Entreprise, France;
Presented at the Premio Immagine'93 International Evening of Virtual Images, Milan, Italy, October, 1993;
Won the Canadian Academy of Multimedia and Arts Award for "Technical Excellence", presented at the Digital Media Awards show, Toronto, May, 1994;
Presented at ICOGRAPHICS'94 Creative Computing Theatre (and videocatalogue), March, 1994;
Broadcast on the Fuji Television Network on September 21, 1993 in Supertime , the most popular evening news program in the Tokyo area;
Broadcast on Television Espanola , the main Spanish TV station, in the program "Metropolis" , October, 1993;
Broadcast on the Canal+ Television Network in Europe, 1994;
Selected by the Japan Graphics Design Association for presentation at the JAGDA Film & Video Show , Tokyo, March, 1994;
On public display as part of the 1993-94 exhibit at the ``Vente'' exhibition hall, Fujita, Corp., head offices, Tokyo.
Broadcast on CITY-TV, Toronto, in the program Media Television , June, 1994;
Broadcast on the program NSTV on Cable69, New York, NY, Octorber 16, 1994.
Runner-up for an award in the research category on The London Effects & Animation Festival, London, England, Nov., 1994.
Broadcast on the Discovery Channel,in the pilot program E-scape Velocity , Canada, January, 2ed, 1995.
Broadcast on the CBC Network in the program Decouverte (in French), worldwide, January, 15th, 1995.
Broadcast on the Evolution No. 8, Episode 14 , Japan, Febuary, 4th, 1995.
Broadcast on the NHK Television Network in The Technology of the 20th Century (premiere program), Japan, April, 17th, 1995.

The glory of "A National Geo-Graphics Society Special: The Undersea World of Jack Cousto".

(Producers: Xiaoyuan Tu, Radek Grzeszczuk, Demetri Terzopoulos)


SIGGRAPH'95 Electronic Theater , Los Angeles, August, 1995.
NICOGRAPH'95 Computer Graphics Filmshow , Tokyo, Japan, November, 1995.
Toronto Computer Animation Festival , Toronto, Canada, February, 1996
International Scientific Film Festival , Montreal, Canada, September, 1995
Computer Animation '95 , Geneva, Switzerland, April, 1995.
Teco Graphics '95 Computer Graphics Show, Milan, Italy, March, 1995.
Graphics Interface'94 Electronic Theatre , Banff, Alberta, Canada, May, 1994.
Japan Graphics Design Association Film & Video Show , Tokyo, November, 1995


RAI-TV, Italian Radio TV System, in the series Superquark, 1996.
Television Espanola, the main Spanish TV station, in the program Metropolis, October, 1994.
NHK Television Network (Japan) on 4/17/95 in the program The Technology of the 20th Century (premiere program)
Fuji Television Network (Japan) on 2/4/95 in the program Revolution 8, (episode #14 ``Artificial Life'')
Discovery Channel on 2/1/95 in the pilot program >E-Scape Velocity
CBC Network (Canada) on 1/15/95 in the program Découverte (in French)
Discovery Channel on 1/2/95 in the program >
Discovery Channel CRTC Promotional Reel and broadcast on the Discovery Channel Preview, December, 1994
NSTV on Cable-69, New York, NY, October 16, 1994
CFTO-TV (Canada), on 12/31/94
Television Espanola, the main Spanish TV station, in the program Metropolis, September, 1995


Excerpts published in ``Aquatic Environments and Fishes,'' CD-ROM module for course ``An Introduction to Aquatic Environments,'' produced by the Department of Zoology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 1996.

Xiaoyuan Tu