Stroke Parameterization
Ryan Schmidt
Autodesk Research
Computer Graphics Forum 32(2), 2013 (To be presented at Eurographics 2013)

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We present a novel algorithm for generating a planar parameterization of the region surrounding a curve embedded
in a 3D surface, which we call a stroke parameterization. The technique, which extends the well-known Discrete Exponential Map [SGW06], uses the same basic geometric transformations and hence is both efficient and easy-to-implement. We also handle self-intersecting curves, for which a 1-1 map between the original surface and the plane is not possible. Stroke parameterizations provide an ideal coordinate space for solving a variety of computer graphics problems. We present applications including tiling texture and displacement along 3D brush strokes, procedural texturing along 3D paths, and user-guided crease extraction.



I missed the following reference, which proposes many similar ideas (parameterization of geodesic region around a stroke, curvature analysis in uv-space, etc):

An interactive local flattening operator to support digital investigations on artwork surfaces. Nico Pietroni, Massimiliano Corsini, Paolo Cignoni, Roberto Scopigno, IEEE TVCG, 17(12), 2011. [Website]

Data, Software, and so on

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