I am grateful to my beautiful mentors and collaborators:

Prof. Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Ph.D. advisor, University of Toronto)

Prof. Amy Voida (Ph.D. advisor, University of Colorado Boulder)

Prof. Abu Wasif and Prof. Eunus Ali (Undergraduate thesis advisors, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Prof. Jay Chen (Research mentor, Design Technology Lab, New York University Abu Dhabi)

Prof. Kentaro Toyama (Research mentor, University of Michigan Ann Arbor)

Hasan Shahid Ferdous (Research Collaborator, University of Melbourne)

Prof. Shion Guha (Research Collaborator, Marquette University)

In addition to them, I have met amazing faculties, superb classmates, beautiful juniors, and fabulous seniors in my undergraduate school. I am working with wonderful colleagues in my lab. I meet people during my ethnography. Every little interaction shapes my attitude of how do I see the surrounding and think about the world. I am thankful to all of them.