these are the pictures i've had on the front page of this web site.


jan 2010. spinnig poi at the don river. meri collier shot this.


may 2007. yeah photobooth!!!


june 2006. cedar point, sandusky ohio. tanya as the photographer. overpriced potato stick break between a couple coasters.

november, 2005. i was showing some research about how to tie up animators to a german anatomist. he's out of frame. a whole bunch of theses are the shelves to the left behind me.

july 2005. kayacking on tomales bay, north of san francisco. i left nontrivial color in it. not sure how long it'll stay up.

december 2005. bonfire at ocean beach, san francisco. i'm actually holding one of junyi's old textbooks over the fire, but i cropped that part out.

februry 2004. at the rocky horror picture show, columbus, ohio. nikki and keith are also in the original.

august 2003. dgp get-together at siggraph, san diego. other dgpfolk are in the original.

before that, the front page was just black with a couple links. it's an inversion of the common style for academic websites. it's amazing how common it is. map is my only collaborator who slightly breaks that style.

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