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    Windows, Linux (DK1/DK2)

janusVR: an immersive, collaborative, multi-dimensional internet.

Human imagination and our spirit of exploration feed off each other.
janusVR is a VR experience, created and explored by the collective imagination of our growing global sentience. In janusVR today, we transcend geographical boundaries to convene and interact in connected, multi-dimensional spaces.
...socializing, shopping, conducting meetings, attending music, movies and gaming events, or collaboratively wandering each other's decentralized utopian spaces, exploring and inspiring creativity in each other. Above all simply being there.
Join us!



Inspired by the metaverse of Snow Crash, and named after Janus, the Roman God of passages, janusVR is an online network of multi-dimensional spaces, interconnected by portals. Portals in janusVR, like the God, have two faces that peer into the spaces they seamlessly link. The janusVR experience draws you into this metaverse whether you are strapped to a headset or on the move with a tablet.

  • Author content using existing 3D modeling tools, with our extended HTML and javascript.
  • Navigate using traditional gamer controls, touch, teleporting ghosts or 3D hand gestures.
  • Customize your Avatar.
  • Talk, chat and visually interact in 3D.
  • Surf the 2D web in 3D.

Our Team

  • James McCrae

    James is the soul of janusVR. James can crank the foundations of janusVR almost as quickly as we imagine it. James has a PhD in Computer Science from the Universtiy of Toronto.

  • Karan Singh

    Karan is a professor of interactive computer graphics at the University of Toronto. Karan wrote his dissertation on humans in VR in 1995. After 20 years of work in research and industry on design and animation he has returned to VR.