8th Ludum Dare 48 Hour Programming Challenge - April, 2006

The 48 Hour Game Programming Competition is a "mostly from scratch", timed, solo coding challenge where all willing game developers spend their allowed time making the best game they can under a common theme.

Theme: Swarms
Start Time: Friday April 28 2006 11:00 PM US EST
End Time: Sunday April 30 2006 11:00 PM US EST
Rules: Ludum Dare Rules
Website: Ludum Dare

Win32 Download:

This 'game' uses the following libraries: SDL, SDL_image


04/25/06 5:30 PM: Setting up webpage.

04/28/06 11:08 PM: Looks like the theme is swarms.

04/29/06 02:16 AM: Some support code in place (game loop, texture loading). Still no solid ideas, but that's what sleep is for...

04/29/06 10:18 AM: Three S's out of the way, got an idea, on to the flocking code.

04/29/06 01:48 PM: Lunched up. Now here's a screenshot:

The blue dot in the center is the player, which can move around now.

04/29/06 11:26 PM: Inexperience with textures has hit me hard. Wasted about 6 hrs trying to figure out proper transparency. Big mess. Still fighting forward, but looking grim... One thing is for sure, I know how textures work now.

04/30/06 01:58 AM: My eyes are going to fall out. Got the player's character mostly working. Sleep now.

04/30/06 11:30 AM: Late start, but know the goal. Onwards and swarmwards...

04/30/06 07:31 PM: Guess I'm not too good at this blog thing. Anyway, been working on the main character's aiming and shooting. Here's a screenshot:

Ok, the player is a tank, those little white things are missles and the cursor is a crosshair. The player is controlled using WASD and aims using the mouse - LMB shoots. Time for dinner.

04/30/06 10:55 PM: Well, I didn't finish. Ran into some snags, but I'm quite happy with what I did implement, especially since it's the first time I've done this. I'm that much better prepared for the next one. I've posted the current state of things above. Check back for the finished game soon.

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