CSC491 Fall 2007:  Capstone Design course



Please look at Ryan's 491 webpage for all ongoing course content.


This course gives students experience solving a substantial problem that may span several areas of Computer Science. Students will define the scope of the problem, develop a solution plan, produce a working implementation, and present their work using written, oral, and (if suitable) video reports. Class time will focus on the project, but may include some lectures. The class will be small and highly interactive.



Karan Singh (

TA Ryan Schmidt (




This capstone will focus on a hands-on animation production experience. Students will be instructed on the overall animated production pipeline and for their project will work on a problem relevant to a new animation production directed by Chris Landreth, the Oscar winning animator/director of Ryan. Students will gain valuable experience working within the animation system Maya and potentially other graphics development platforms and ultimately see the fruits of their labor contribute to an animated short film.



Grading scheme:

- project sketch: 5% (due in third class)

- first prototype: 15% (due by mid October 2005)

- implementation and demo of project: 50% (due by mid Dec. 2005)

- final presentation of the project: 20% (due by mid Dec. 2005)

- final report and webpage: 10% (due by mid Dec. 2005)



The class will meet once a week F 11-1 usually in the Dynamic Graphics Project lab ( or as specified the week before. There are no exams in this course.




The biggest pre-requisite for this course is a creative mind and a can-do attitude.

Use of commercial animation systems is a big plus in particular Maya which will be the platform for most work done in this course.


One or more of CSC318, CSC418, CSC428, with a grade of 75% or higher.


A background or interest in fine arts, music, dance or theatre is encouraged.


If you want to see the kind of stuff that students produce in this course check out these projects from last year. (Photomosaics, MIDI animation interface).


Enrolment limit:

The course will be limited to 20 students.

Should demand exceed available spaces, preference will be given to students who have taken two or more of the prerequisite courses, and also to those with higher grades in those courses.


To apply for enrolment in this course, please submit the following material to the undergraduate office by the first week of Sept., 2007: