CSC 2529, Winter, 2008: Character Animation

Instructor Karan Singh
Phone (416) 978-7201
Office Hours BA 5258 (by appointment)

Lectures T 3-5pm, DGP, BA 5181. (first class on Jan. 15.)



This course is a project intensive study on the art and science of computer generated character animation.


Most of the following will be covered:
character modeling, deformation, skinning, kinodynamic control, behavioral motion, motion capture, motion graphs. 

Course Texts

Recommended Learning Maya | Character Rigging and Animation, Alias Inc.
Recommended Richard Parent, Computer Animation Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan Kaufmann
Recommended Richard Williams, The Animators survival kit, Faber and Faber.

Grading Scheme

Animation assignment 25%
Paper Presentation 30%
Animation project 45%
- Technical implementation 30%
- Demo/presentation 5%
- Project report 10%

You are expected to be a competent programmer in C or C++ in this course. You will a need knowledge of basic 3D computer graphics, rudimentary Open GL and a strong math foundation. Prior knowledge of the Maya animation system is desirable, you may want to do a little background reading and play around with the Maya Personal Learning Edition. The project, however, need not be done in Maya at all.