CSC 2529 Winter 2004 Suggested Papers for presentation

Skeletal Control: 

  • Layered Acting For Character Animation (project page) (project page)
  • Efficient Synthesis of Physically Valid Human Motion Anthony C. Fang, Nancy S. Pollard (Brown University) SIG 03
  • Mira Dontcheva, Gary Yngve, Zoran Popović (University of Washington) SIG 03
  • Synthesis of Complex Dynamic Character Motion From Simple Animations
  • C. Karen Liu, Zoran Popovic (University of Washington) SIG 02
  • Composable Controller for Physics-Based Character Animation
  • Petros Faloutsos, Michiel van de Panne (University of Toronto), Demetri Terzopoulos (New York University and University of Toronto) SIG 01
  • Automating Gait Animation
  • Harold C. Sun, Dimitris Metaxas (University of Pennsylvania) SIG 01
  • Interactive Control for Physically Based Animation
  • Joseph Lazlo, Michiel van de Panne, Eugene Fiume (University of Toronto) SIG 00
  • M. Gleicher, Retargeting Motion to New Characters, Proc. SIGGRAPH 1998.
  • Hodgins, J. K., Wooten, W. L., Brogan, D. C., O'Brien, J. F. Animating Human Athletics. Proc. SIGGRAPH 1995.
  • J. Laszlo, M. van de Panne, E. Fiume, Limit Cycle Control And Its Application to the Animation of Balancing and Walking, Proc SIGGRAPH 1996.
  • Behavioral + AI based Animation:

    Motion Capture based Animation:

    Deformations and skinning:

    Facial (Speech) Animation:

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