CSC 2529 Winter 2005 Assignment

Your mission in this project is to produce an animation.

The animation should be 5-20 secs. long, and involve two or more characters interacting (fight, dance, meet). There should be a story.

A simple single webpage should serve as your storyboard, animatic, character development and general catch all of the things that go towards the creation of your animation.

You should use Maya. This is assignment is to help you with the learning the workings of a commercial animation system and make you familiar with existing tools in Maya. You must build everything from scratch using the tools in Maya. The characters need to be modeled, rigged and animated all by yourself. You are encouraged to use scripts of plugins to simplify  parts of the modeling, animation or rendering, wherever possible. Try and be as creative and artistic as you can. 

Deadline: The assignment is due March 5th. i.e. you must make an appointment and show me your animation. 


Sample animations from 2003

Ascent : Azam Khan

Wooden People: Phillip Hertel

Calamari Man: Alex Hertel

From 2004




Karan Singh, Dept of Computer Science, University of Toronto
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