CSC 2529 Winter 2004 Papers presentations

Kevin Forbes: Interactive Control for Physically Based Animation  Joseph Lazlo, Michiel van de Panne, Eugene Fiume (University of Toronto) SIG 00

Winne Tsang: Motion Graphs  Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher (University of Wisconson-Madison), Fred Pighin (USC Institute for Creative Technologies) SIG 02

Danny House: Layered Acting For Character Animation (project page) (project pageMira Dontcheva, Gary Yngve, Zoran Popović (University of Washington) SIG 03

Alexander Kolliopoulos : Integrated Learning for Interactive Synthetic Characters  Bruce Blumberg, Marc Downie, Yuri Ivanov, Matt Berlin, Michael Patrick Johnson, William Tomlinson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Media Laboratory) SIG 02


Karan Singh, Dept of Computer Science, University of Toronto
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