CSC2521 Winter 2011 

Topics in Computer Graphics:

Interactive 3D modeling and fabrication for design.




Course Description:


Interactive approaches to digital 3D modeling have existed for over four decades now. This course look at various existing approaches to interactive 3D modeling and look to combine various techniques to achieve a desired design aesthetic that is also amenable to physical fabrication. The course will focused around design projects where a combined team of design and computer science students will develop, test and use novel interaction techniques to acheive a design goal.  The course will study the technical details of the state of the art in approaches to interactive 3D modeling: volume-based and blobby modeling, extrusion and subdivision based modeling, multi-view sketching, analytic 3D drawing, cut-paste-deform-detail, 3D scanning, motion capture and simulation for interactive shape modeling. It will also provide hands-on instruction to the state of the art in devices and techniques for physical fabrication from digital models. Students will be graded based on a technical paper presentation and an interactive modeling project. The course will be run in close conjunction with ARC 3024. About 70% of the class meetings will be common to the two courses. Architecture and computer science students will be paired for a joint course project and will be graded for their design and technical contributions respectively. 



Karan Singh (

Tom Bessai ARC 3024.


Grading scheme

- paper presentation (1 or 2 depending on the number of students)  30%

- interactive 3D modeling project (mid-term critique) 30%

- final project presentation   10%

- fabrication and results      20%

- project report (1-2 pager) 10%



The class will meet once a week F 2-4 (first meeting on the 14th in BA 5181, the Dynamic Graphics Project lab



Meeting Schedule



CSC 2521

ARC 3024

week1 singh introduction to interactive 3d modeling
week2 bessai, singh proposed project descriptions
week3 bessai introduction to design
week4 singh sketch interfaces: extrusion-subdivision, multi-view sketching, analytic 3D drawing

student paper presentations

MAYA, Rhino tutorials


mid-term project critiques

week7 singh sculpt interfaces: volumetric and blobby modeling, surface based cut-paste-deform-detail

student paper presentations

mel, Grasshopper scripting

week9 bessai

fabrication techniques (laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router, pipe bender tutorials)


project review

week11 bessai

history and trends in architectural design


 final project presentations



Lecture Slides


Introduction to interactive 3d modeling

Introduction to design

Sketch Interfaces

Sculpt Interfaces

History and trends in architectural design