esp  CSC 2521 Interactive Geometry: Design of Everyday Things Modeling Assignment


...your goal is to produce a functional digital object that embodies good design.

Pick any form you want, any functionality, mix and match if you wish. could for example model espressoman, the self-caffeinating mythical offspring of a jilted barista and an arabica coffeebean. Attempt to provide some controls that can simulate the operation of the object. pedals on a bicycle for example could rotate a drive train. a nut and bolt assembly should fit together, a watch should tell time.

You can use any modeling, texturing, animation software including scanning physical pieces, downloading models etc. This assignment is to make you familiar with existing modeling workflows and tools and give you an appreciation of both how easy and hard modeling can be. Here are some links to existing model repositories, some software, papers and manufacturing to give you ideas and help you on your way...




Maya in the lab (




Try and be as creative and artistic as you can. Your final output can be shown within a 3D viewer, software like Maya or Blender, as turntable animations or a number of representative rendered images of the model.

Deadline: The assignment is due in class October 8, where we will share our results with the class. 



door door2 hairdryer hairdryer2

Rinat Abdrashitov

tt2 ttTurntableVideo

Rorik Henderson


Ryan McDonald

bodybrella Bodybrella

Chris de Paoli



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