To submit the assignment, combine all the required files—PDF document for the written portion, provided source files, any other required files for the programming portion—into a single file:
tar cvfz a1-solution.tgz <folder>
where <folder> is a folder containing all the required files you want to submit.
And then submit using the submission script on the CDF machines.
(If registered for CSC418)
submit -c csc418h -a A1 a1-solution.tgz
(Or if registered for CSC2504)
submit -c csc2504h -a A1 a1-solution.tgz
The above instructions are for the first assignment. For the other assignments, substitute accordingly. For example, submit assignment 2 by replacing A1 with A2, and a1-solution.tgz with a2-solution.tgz.
You must ensure that your submitted code works on the CDF machines.