alliance francaise galerie romain rolland, 72 lodhi estate new delhi, 19-21 november 2010, 11am-8pm.

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Shadows is a series of realistic sculptures in bronze and terracota of Polu’s inspirations …balthus, satyajit ray, maharaja ranjit singh, amrita shergill, the beatles, among others. The overall exhibit is a son’s tribute to the art and sacrifice of his mother.





Polu Singh was born in Rawalpindi and raised in Delhi. She joint the Delhi college of art in 1968. She was married in 1969 and raised two children. Over the last two decades she has returned to her passion, sculpture.


i drew myself a labyrinth once, to capture my imagination. alas, it was not as twisted as my thoughts, they got out!

Labyrinths cradle millennia of legend and lore in their twisted articulations and often considered mankind's first creation born purely of human imagination.  The organic labyrinths of this exhibition are created with curves evolving under these forces of nature, for which I have invented, published and patented an algorithm. These curves are guided by a mix of images, music and words but above all, an artistic hand. The choice of subjects is an autobiographical journey. …abstract forms …a life-long obsession with music, the labyrinths winding like grooves on vinyl. …themes anchored to roots in India, others, nomadic forays around the globe. …inspirations wandering through the space of algorithmic parameters. The paths encode chronologies: a story, lyric or melodic progression.  Experience them!

Karan Sher Singh was born and raised largely in Delhi. His mother Polu is an accomplished sculptor and his father Rummy tells fantastic stories. Inheriting both passions but the talent for neither he did the next best thing and aspired to be a human cannonball but crash landed into computer science, where he discovered that mathematical equations could paint a picture as beautiful as any brush. He is currently a professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, working at the intersection of art and science. This exhibition on labyrinths marks a 5 year milestone of an ongoing personal journey through the fascinating world of labyrinths and mazes. 

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