Limit Cycle Control Movie Clips

These clips were created using the techniques described in the SIGGRAPH 1996 paper entitled "Limit Cycle Control and its Application to the Animation of Balancing and Walking".
(for older, xanim compatible but less-compressed QuickTime 2.x files click here)
open loop fall
An open-loop walk
(no balance control) (105K)
human-like gait
A human-like walk (206K)
Turning (153K)
backward gait
Walking backward (163K)
fast gait
A double-time gait (140K)
against a headwind
Walking into an increasing
headwind (351K)
rough to smooth transition
Transition from rough
to smooth walking (136K)
robobird run
Robobird running forward (162K)
robobird circle run
Robobird running around
like a chicken (360K)
 siggraph slides
Siggraph conference slides (560K)