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For a long time, I've wanted to start up a salon-like gathering -- a weekly exchange of ideas and learning, of lectures and debates put on by my friends and acquaintances.

Here's the idea: we rotate who is in charge of the salon each week. When it is your turn, you decide what topic you'd like to do and what format it will be: a lecture, a lead discussion, or whatever. The idea is to learn about topics you're unfamiliar with and also develop your ability to share the knowledge you have.

Topics can be as varied as your interests.


Dates with Topics


 August 31st 7:30pm

  Jade Rubick (jade@dgp.utoronto.ca)


How to Take Good Photos

I've been an avid amateur photographer for over ten years, and I'll describe techniques for making your pictures stand out. At the end of this session, you will take pictures noticeably better than you did before, and understand how to compose photographs effectively. You can optionally bring a few photos for a photo critique session.

 September 7th 7:30pm

Shelley Denger (degners@yahoo.com)


Drugs and the Nervous System

Shelley teaches biology, and will describe how drugs affect the brain. She'll describe the effect of different families of drugs and their mechanisms of action, and how tolerance and dependencies to drugs happen. Or she may decide to do another topic altogether.

 September 14th 7:30pm

 Ben Novinger - (bttn@earthlink.net)



Ben will open a discussion on marriage to the salon, and also explain some of the different perspectives he has held on the subject. Some possible topics for discussion include alternative marriages, gay marriages, reasons for marrying/not marrying, meaning of marriage in our culture and for us as individuals, weddings, etc.. At the end of this session, you will be noticeably better at getting married or not getting married (hee, hee, Jade!)




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