Jade Rubick's Bookmarks

Tools and Information

Searching for Info

Alta Vista: Main Page
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
This is my favorite search tool.
Internet Address Finder
Has a database of several million e-mail addresses, mostly compiled from Usenet postings. It's a good way to find people.
AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
It's a wonderful service!!!
Portland Banana Pages
Portland, Oregon Yellow Pages online.
NYNEX Yellow Pages
Seems to be national, but not all inclusive.

Career Related

Resume Status
UO Career Center Home Page
Requires a password to get any useful information
JobHunt: On-Line Job Meta-List
notscape techmain
Java Related Job Offerings
InterCareer NETWORK Home Page


Eugene Area Internet Providers
Health Services/Technology Assessment Text
A lot of medical information online.
Men and Domestic Violence Index
Deals with the issue of men as the victims of domestic violence. Contains a lot of information, from varying viewpoints, and also links to pages with other men's issues.
Contains a list of books that you can download on the Internet.

Japan Related

Japan Telephone Directory
Right now only has Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. It is on a trial basis, but extremely convenient!
Useful information for foreigners in Kansai
A wonderful resource for anybody who is planning to go to Japan, not just Kansai. Contains Internet service provider information also.
The Tokugawa Art Museum
If you visit Nagoya, Japan, I recommend visiting this museum.
Mr. Nefff's Mambo Karaoke Steakhouse
Pretty bright page, but you can listen to some samples. I liked some of it.
Robert Felsing's Asian Studies Page
Robert works in the library at the University of Oregon, and he's collected a library full of information and links about anything that has to do with Asia, Asian languages, and especially Asian language libraries.
What's New in Japan
If you're in a wandering mood, try it!


INTELLiCast: Oregon Cities
INTELLiCast: Eugene Weather
Current Weather Conditions
A connection to a lot of Oregon weather links
Eugene Metro Area Extended Forecast
Eugene Forecast


MacSense HotBits
I read this every day. It contains daily news on the Mac world, including information on software updates, news at Apple, etc...
MacInTouch Home Page
This provided daily updates of news in the Mac world. Ex: software updates, bugs discovered, etc...
CNN Interactive
CNN - World News Main Page
This is a link to the world new briefs page
MacTech(tm) Magazine!
Macworld Online


Mac Sale International
Their prices are so cheap that it almost makes you wonder. Is it too good to be true? Let me know if you buy anything from them!
Sigh. If only ISDN were cheaper...
Discount Software for edu folks
APS Technologies
Maybe I'll buy a hard drive from these people someday.


Welcome to the Planets
NASA's collection of some beautiful photographs and information on our solar system.
Live Camera of Portland
This is a camera shot of Portland, updated several times an hour.
50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
I found this place to be pretty interesting.
The Dilbert Zone
Dilbert is the patron God of all true computer scientists. Very funny comic strip, if you haven't heard of it (where have you been?)
University of Oregon Museum of Art

Thesis Related

WebFonts Proposal
I'm thinking on doing my thesis on a topic related to this. This is a proposal for a way of sending bitmapped fonts along with a web page using Java. That way, you could see custom fonts for a particular web page.



The Common Gateway Interface


Guides to Writing HTML Documents
The meta list to kill all meta lists. This is pretty complete!
The HTML Writers Guild Website
Creating Teeny Photo Icons
Web Publishing JumpStation
What is good hypertext writing?
WWW Help Page

HTML Design Examples

Levi Strauss & Co. - Welcome!
Communication Arts
Cyberian Outpost Home Page
The Vestibule
John Seabrook's Home Page


Club Java: sponsored by Virtual Rendezvous
More Java information.
The Java tutorial
This is a humorous but also simply explained tutorial of Java
Jerry's Java Page
This is a well done page, that has a lot of information and applets.
Apple Flavored Java
This page is specifically for Macintosh users who are interested in Java.
Past Featured Java-Powered Pages
This shows a list of Java applets.
Javasoft Cool Applets Page
A list of Java applets, in several different categories.
It's like a monthly magazine about Java. You can subscribe to have them notify you when the next issue comes out. Contains tutorials and articles about Java programming.
Digital Espresso
This is a very useful weekly summary of Java information in newsgroups and mailing lists.
Metrowerk's Java Page
This is a list of links to technical information about Java, and also includes information on Metrowerk's support for Java in its next version of CodeWarrior
Java lab
The Java Developer
Oregon Java Interest Group
This is a group I'm involved with. We meet about once a week and try to learn Java! Has some excellent links to Java tutorials and resources.
JavaScript Authoring Guide


MetroWerks Home Page
Inside Macintosh


Extention Strip
ES is a handy application for the Mac. It really becomes invaluable!
Newest Files on Apple's FTP Sites
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
Recent INFO-MAC Summary
Network Services at the U of O
Netscape mirror FTP sight WWW link


Leptonic Systems' NetBird
This is under development, but it is a component for CyberDog that figures out the information that you access most and does some of the work for you.

Plugs ins

Macromedia Shockwave
Shockwave is a plug in for Netscape that allows you to play Director movies. It is worth checking out.
Sizzler Plug In Page
You can download a plug in for Netscape that allows animation in your browser. This is the company that produces that plug in.
RealAudio Home Page

Mac Resources


CyberTech Home Page
Apple Software Updates
Cyberdog Home Page
Cyberdog is POTENTIALLY one of the coolest things to hit the net since Netscape.

The Copland Page
A collection of links and information about System 8 for the Macintosh.
Nathan's Everything Macintosh
The Power Macintosh Resource Page
Welcome to the Supra InfoBahn


Linux for Power Macintosh
Linux Home Page
Linux is a free UNIX that you can install on PCs and soon Power Macintosh's as well.

Jade's Home Page

Ursula Webmaster
Jade's Home Page
This is my home page. I welcome your comments on it.

Home Pages

University of Oregon Honors College
Computer and Information Science Home Page
University of Oregon Home Page
Akemi Miyamoto
She has some humorous links as well as a good list of books to read, and some poetry.
He has a remarkable set of links. Good if you're in a surfing mood.
Bruce Blaser
Seoung Man
A CIS friend of mine.
Ryuichiro Shimonosono
My CIS friend. He has a good sports page, and links to other sports pages.
Sara Goodale
The Cheshire Cat. Her page may take a long time to download over a modem, but it is pretty rewarding. She has a lot of links to all sorts of things.
Fumio Igarashi
My CIS friend. His page is a little difficult to read (as of 1/26/96), and takes a long time to download, but he has some good links to Japanese versions of software, and other Japanese links.
Jeremy White
My CIS friend. Jeremy has some artistic links, and information about his radio program.
Ji Young Lee
My former CIS friend. She has a few Korean links, if I remember correctly.
Robert Roberts
Robert is a grad student at the UO who also teaches HTML classes. His pages have links to Micronesia and some excellent web design sites.

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