Specifying Label Layout Styles by Example

Ian Vollick1    Daniel Vogel1    Maneesh Agrawala2    Aaron Hertzmann1
1University of Toronto    2University of California, Berkeley


Creating high-quality label layouts in a particular visual style is a time-consuming process. Although automated labeling algorithms can aid the layout process, expert design knowledge is required to tune these algorithms so that they produce layouts which meet the designer.s expectations. We propose a system which can learn a label layout style from a single example layout and then apply this style to new labeling problems. Because designers find it much easier to create example layouts than tune algorithmic parameters, our system provides a more natural workflow for graphic designers. We demonstrate that our system is capable of learning a variety of label layout styles from examples.


I. Vollick, D. Vogel, M. Agrawala, and A. Hertzmann. Specifying Label Layout Style by Example. In Proc. UIST, 2007.
UIST 2007 Paper


This research was supported in part by

(c) 2007 Ian Vollick, Daniel Vogel, Maneesh Agrawala, Aaron Hertzmann