Aaron Hertzmann: Art

Trust drawings Drawings for Trust Context in Networks by Sibel Adali, 2013
Paint on Canvas Painterly rendering on the cover of IEEE CG&A
From the July/August 2003 issue.
Paint on Canvas Paint on Canvas
A stretched canvas that projects a continually-changing painting of the viewer. Details. Snapshots from an early prototype. Video of the system in action.

Digital Arts & Culture 2001 art gallery. Providence, RI, April 26-28.
Analogic Sensations: Festival for Expanded Media. New York, July 13, 2002.
Digital Arts & Culture 2001 art gallery/web page. Providence, RI, April 26-28.
Skin Skin DVD
I created painterly animation from the recording session for "Skin," a CD and DVD release by Erik Friedlander's Topaz. Video
Mass Hallucinations Mass Hallucinations
I created some fun animated distortion effects for Trevor Darrell's magic mirror.

T. Darrell, G. Gordon, M. Harville, H. Baker, J. Woodfill, A. Hertzmann. SIGGRAPH 98 Emerging Technologies; The Tech Museum; CVPR '98.
Paintings Paintings from Karies
In college, I double-majored in computer science and art; here are some paintings from that time.