Aaron Hertzmann: Art

Sea Creature Digital paintings and drawings on Instagram
Sea Creature VR Drawings: 3D drawings I've made in Quill and other VR tools:
Shira and Brandon "A Day in the Park" comic, 2017
Trust drawings Drawings for Trust Context in Networks by Sibel Adali, 2013
Paint on Canvas Painterly rendering on the cover of IEEE CG&A
From the July/August 2003 issue.
Paint on Canvas Paint on Canvas
A stretched canvas that projects a continually-changing painting of the viewer. Research paper. Snapshots from an early prototype. Video of the system in action.

Digital Arts & Culture 2001 art gallery. Providence, RI, April 26-28.
Analogic Sensations: Festival for Expanded Media. New York, July 13, 2002.
Digital Arts & Culture 2001 art gallery/web page. Providence, RI, April 26-28.
Skin Skin DVD
I created painterly animation from the recording session for "Skin," a CD and DVD release by Erik Friedlander's Topaz. Video
Mass Hallucinations Mass Hallucinations
I created some fun animated distortion effects for Trevor Darrell's magic mirror.

T. Darrell, G. Gordon, M. Harville, H. Baker, J. Woodfill, A. Hertzmann. SIGGRAPH 98 Emerging Technologies; The Tech Museum; CVPR '98.
Paintings Paintings from Karies
In college, I double-majored in computer science and art; here are some paintings from that time.