All objects left unattended will be destroyed immediately and without notice by the security authorities.

I'd like to point you to some web pages which explain why the web sucks, that javascript sucks, and that Microsoft sucks.

I've started a list of some fun programming problems.

The story of stuff

All chain letters are bad. Don't pass them on. Copy protection is bad, and the term "intellectual property" is a destructive term.

And watch out for the latest bad virus.

Some unix hacker tips for Mac OS X

Not to mention:

No better than my old Apple II:

fully-featured Windows XP emulation in a static text file in your web browser
New! updated for Windows 7!

Finally, the tranya:

Stupid trivia section

Our old concrete laundry tub weighed 361 pounds. It was heavy.

I was interested to read about meat recovery systems.

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