Some of my runs

I'm a decent runner, and would certainly do better if I didn't enjoy food and wine and soccer as much as I do. But I figure these times are pretty good for an overcommitted fortysomething--yikes--now fiftysomething, and I list them only to demonstrate that it is possible to get halfway decent times without committing 30 hours a week to it. I train about five hours a week, if that, in addition to playing a bit of soccer. I started running in late 1999 because I didn't like oblate spheroid I had turned into. Incidentally, I stopped running hard a few years ago because I developed numerous tears in my naughty medial meniscus. I think they were due to too much hard soccer years ago, but after some surgery, I decided to take it a bit easier and instead started running adventure relays.

10K Runs

I'm not crazy about this distance, but I do OK in it.

Half Marathons

This is my favourite distance, and the variations in time through each running season are now pretty obvious.


This is definitely not my favourite distance, and my discipline completely breaks down here! I'll do one or two marathons a year and see if I can keep my enthusiasm in check during the run.