These images are excerpts from various animations.


Xiaoyuan Tu, of The University of Toronto Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP) holds all copyrights for the images displayed on this page. Please do NOT copy these images without the express written consent of me or DGP. Thank you.

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The begining of a day - Artificial fishes in their virtual world

A quiet evening

A peaceful niche

A school of cuties.

Jaws - shark stalking prey

Two males vying for the attention of the female (the smallest reddish fish to the left of the image)

A hostile world for the weak

Two fish engage in mating ritual

From a fish's point of view (images from fish's lefteye+righteye)

Try to fuse the two images into one stereo image by crossing your eyes - if you find it difficult, here is the trick:

a) bring image to full size by clicking on it;

b) put a finger above and in the middle of the image where the grey line is;

c) gaze at your finger while still glancing the image - now you should be able to see TWO grey lines! The fuzzy image between the two grey lines IS the stereo image;

d) now shift your gaze/focus from your finger to the stereo image and you should be able to see it clearly with full depth!

Another fish's point of view

Xiaoyuan Tu