By popular demand I have put some of my PowerPoint presentations on the following web pages. I have tried hard to avoid any fancy mathematics in the talks so that the material is accessible to a typical SIGGRAPH audience.

Please contact me if you want to use any of this material.

Exact Evaluation of Subdivison Surfaces

I presented this talk both at SIGGRAPH'98 and as part of the course on subdivision at SIGGRAPH'99

Diffraction Shaders

Talk presented at SIGGRAPH'99

Stable Fluids

Talk presented at SIGGRAPH'99

Stable Fluids

Talk presented as a SIGGRAPH course in 2000, 2001 and 2002, EGCAS 2001 (invited), IMA workshop 2001(invited), Chris Hecker's Gamer Seminar 2001, Spanish conference on Computer Graphics 2001 (invited), INRIA Grenoble (the day after september 11, 2001)

NEW: PDF version of the talk with notes

An Illumination Model for a Skin Layer Bounded by Rough Surfaces

Talk presented at the 12th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, June 2001 and as part of a SIGGRAPH course 2001

Visual Simulation of Smoke

Talk presented at SIGGRAPH 2001

Quad/Triangle Subdivision

Talk presented at the 2002 Dagstuhl (in Germany) workshop on mesh processing, February 2002.