Some Miscellaneous notes on C and C++

Here are some online notes for C and C++ that I made for CSC270 in Fall 1996. The notes jump around a lot and are in no way comprehensive. In fact, they don't even include a basic introduction. Therefore, these notes should be supplemented with a good book. Two books that I've had experience with are:
  1. C Programming: A Modern Approach, by K.N. King, about $56. Used in CSC270. Quite clear and covers many topics.
  2. On to C, by P.H. Winston, about $25. An slower introduction with lots of examples. Covers less than King.
There are references to the King book in the notes below. Click on the headers to get the notes.

See also my page of Useful Information for more references to C and C++.

James Stewart

Miscellaneous C

King 4.3, 6.4, and page 72

Intro to Functions

King chapter 9

Some C Types

King 7.5, 8, 5.3

Functions and Scope

King chapters 2.5, 2.6, 9, 10.4

Arrays and Structures

King 8.2, 17.3, 16.1, 16.2, 16.3

C Pointers


Intro to C++

King 19.4

Inheritance of Classes

King 19.4

C++ Operators

King 19.4

C++ Templates

Not in the King book!